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Pauley Perrette is love

I'm a femme from Canberra, Australia. I like reading fantasy novels, playing PC games, especially RPGs, sims, and RTS'. I write femmeslash in the BTVS and X-Files fandoms, you can read my work at my website. I read slashfic from these fandoms, as well as the occasional HP fic.

Any icons I've made may contain resources which can be found here.

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LJ Roleplays
rippers_game aka The Dark Ages
- amy_wicca (Elizabeth Anne Allen) is shagging an evil warlock, jason_cain, and shooting up, in between expensive shopping trips.
- heike_metzger (Heike Makatsch) is getting sucked in all kinds of places by vicky_vixen.

daylightfadings - Daylight Fadings
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- amy_wicca (Elizabeth Anne Allen) is being all redemptive and taking the shaky first steps of a relationship with harris_here.

GJ Roleplays
St Pancras Past RPG is the twin community of St Pancras Future RPG, my beautiful deformed spawn with hellish powers, co-mothered (and modded) by heretic_angel.

- Hestia Jones (Vic!Hestia), PB Kate Winslet, is a half-blood forced into prostitution. Because of her family's poverty (her father was killed in Crimea), Hestia was illiterate and never attended Hogwarts. Falling in love with a wealthy customer, Louis Carter (Johnny Depp), an auror, they get up to some rather un-Victorian things in private. After Louis retired, he bought the hotel at St Pancras, and gave Hestia a job as a servant, since his stiffly traditional elder sister, Helena Bonham-Carter (as herself...sort of), would never allow them to marry. She enjoyed a few months of happiness with Louis, despite the secrecy of their affairs, until she found herself pregnant. Afraid to confront Louis himself, Hestia asked advice of his sister Helena, who convinced the girl that her brother didn't love her, and would never marry her. Hestia threw herself off the first floor grand staircase, and haunts this area (the hotel actually has reports of a suicide of a pregnant servant who could not bear to have a child out of wedlock).

- Helena Bonham-Carter (as herself), is Louis Carter's highly traditional sister. Unlike most of her family, she was sorted into Slytherin. During his life, she made her brother jump through all the hoops of Victorian society, and ultimately met her demise when she confessed what she had done to Hestia to Louis in the hopes that he would move on. She was married to the auror John Bonham, who had a heart attack when he saw Helena's body, which had been disposed of in a hotel water tank by her brother, after he had strangled her (there was also an actual case of a body disposed of in one of the water tanks, which wasn't found for over a week!) John Bonham maintains that he wished he'd strangled Helena first. 130 years of marriage will do that to you. In the modern world, Helena likes to recount the sordid things she has seen go on in the buildings walls to the students, and also taunts both her brother and his modern counterpart.

- Hestia Jones (Mod!Hestia), PB Pauley Perrette, is a former Ravenclaw and witch for the ministry. After a time teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts, she moved into the hotel that her lover, Louis Carter, an Auror like his long forgotten ancestor, bought. For the past two years she has been one of few who are privy to his secret: he is a death eater, made one against his will. It hurt at first, and although Hestia can feel him slipping sometimes she willingly gives everything for the chance to save him. After Hogwarts was destroyed, the hotel became an ideal place to train the remaining students, and act as a general stronghold. The need for able wizards to serve in combat is at a peak, and those who are little more then children are being sent to die.

Hestia's rooms are on the fourth floor, where the Louis of the past lived. Although her Louis has always been the more psychic of the couple, he has never sensed anything in her rooms. However, Hestia has secretly been in contact with the ghost of Louis' ancestor, who refuses to show himself to anyone but her.

In her spare time, Hestia was a muggle author, under the pseudonym Poppy Z. Brite. Her recent novels, "Liquor" and "Prime", were inspired by a particularly chilling visit to Rabastan Lestrange, who had a rather comical way of waving around a spatula as he cooked up "Muggle meat".

Blessed Harry Potter RPG
- Hestia 'Tia Jones (Pauley Perrette) is a witch for the Ministry, currently acting as assistant teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts. Her best friend, Louis Carter, she knows is a death eater, but hasn't had the heart to turn him in because she loves him. After a short, tumumltuous romantic relationship, she broke up with him, because it hurt to see him so changed, however she's realised that she still loves him, and they've gotten back together and shacked up in St Pancras Chambers, a haunted hotel in London.

- Hannah Abbott (Katherine Heigl) is a Sixth Year Hufflepuff with a crush on Professor Snape. She's also the Hogwarts slut, using Seamus Finnigan, being used by Adrian Pucey, and finally settling down with her best friend, Wayne Hopkins, who until recently had a crush on Hermione Granger. After Wayne accidently called Hannah "Mione" during sex, the Hufflepuff has taken a liking to beating her "boyfriend" up. Now she's made up with Wayne, but is still having trouble thinking of him as just a friend.

Renovatio HP RPG
- Lavinia Vivienne Wright (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is the Ancient Runes Professor at Hogwarts. She's a bit muddle-headed, and has alcoholic tendencies, and likes muggles. Not doing much but worrying about Percy Weasley's incompetence and drinking.

- Heike Metzger (Heike Makatsch) is a young Death Eater from Germany, who graduated from the Durmstrang Academy in 1993. She took the mark this summer, and works as a dealer in magical artifacts, specialising in black magic, in Vienna. Recently, she met Rabastan Lestrange in Vienna, and sees him as her ticket up the foodchain of DE's, but also an attractive man.

Incentive HP RPG
- Heike Metzger (Heike Makatsch) is a Knight of Walspurgis from Germany, who graduated from the Durmstrang Academy in 1993. She took the mark this summer, and works as a dealer in magical artifacts, specialising in black magic, in Vienna. Moving to the UK, she bought a swish flat and was last seen having hot sex with Rabastan Lestrange in her shower.

For more info on my characters, please visit their games/journals.